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Brushed French Terry Fabric: A Luxurious Delight

Brushed French Terry Fabric: A Luxurious Delight

In the realm of fabrics, few things evoke the sensation of comfort and luxury as the Brushed French Terry fabric does. It's a fabric that not only feels sumptuously soft against the skin but also boasts versatility and durability. This sensational fabric is used in our Positano Stripe Collection

But what is Brushed French Terry? It is a type of knit fabric renowned for its plush texture and excellent moisture-wicking properties. It's crafted from natural fibers such as cotton and blended to create such a smooth material. The fabric's distinctive brushed surface gives it a cozy, fleece-like feel, making it incredibly comfortable to wear. 

  1. Softness: The hallmark feature of brushed French Terry fabric is its unparalleled softness. The brushing process enhances the fabric's texture, resulting in a gentle, velvety feel against the skin.

  2. Breathability: Despite its plushness, brushed French Terry fabric remains highly breathable, allowing air to circulate freely. This breathability makes it an ideal choice for activewear and loungewear, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry even during intense physical activities.

  3. Absorbency: French terry fabric is adept at absorbing moisture, making it perfect for garments designed for sleeping or casual outings. Whether you're lounging around the house or simply running errands, brushed French Terry fabric ensures you stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

  4. Durability: While prized for its luxurious feel, brushed French Terry fabric is also incredibly durable. It withstands regular washing and wear without losing its softness or shape, making it a long-lasting investment for your wardrobe.

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