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Exploring 6x3 Fabric: A Comprehensive Guide to the Seville Collection

Exploring 6x3 Fabric: A Comprehensive Guide to the Seville Collection

Fabric plays a vital role in our daily lives, from the clothes we wear to the decor in our homes. One particular type of fabric that has garnered attention for its unique properties and versatility is 6x3 fabric that can be found in the new Seville Collection.

What Andine calls the vendor is the 6x3 fabric; the numbers refer to the specific weave pattern used in its construction. The "6x3" denotes the ratio of the weave, meaning there are six threads in one direction for every three threads in the perpendicular direction. This ratio can be used in different types of weaves, including plain, twill, and satin, affecting the texture, durability, and appearance of the fabric. Ours can be found in a vertical stripe throughout the Seville Collection.

This fabric is textured, rubbing softly against your skin keeping you warm. The fabric is both durable and flexible in its wear. Wear your Andine to bed, wear it lounging on the plane, or wear it out running errands. The Seville Collection exudes elegance with its clean white aesthetic. The fabric is designed to offer good breathability for whatever you choose to do in this fit. 

Choose from, 

Our classic Long Sleeved T-Shirt : The London Seville 

Our cropped Long Sleeved  T-Shirt: The Maeve Seville 

Our delicate shorts: The Antonela Seville Shorts

Our staple pants: The Soleil Seville Pant

Add the Seville Collection to your new summer 2024 capsule wardrobe. 


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