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Who is She? That's Andine

Who is She? That's Andine

Andine is the world’s best friend. She can make friends with just about anyone — even if they’re not her jam. She is playful and weird, but in a good way. She has a pretty good voice but will sing with great confidence. She will be quick to dare you into doing something strange. She is trustworthy beyond limits and you will easily give her the passcode to your phone. She will make you laugh when you are feeling awful, as she is kind and interested. She speaks a few languages and loves to cook. She is a strong woman who can fight anything. 

Andine is Bold but Soft, Strong but Kind, Sweet but Brazen, Divinely Feminine with Masculine Ferocity. She communicates with direct action, is always fearless, and loves to “keep it cute.”  Confidence is Key. 


Andine’s Mission: Celebrating women’s authenticity while elevating their sleep to street style and promoting confidence effortlessly.

Andine’s Vision: I live in the present, not looking to the past, and manifest my future. I navigate my own path forward. 

Andine’s Mantra: Pushing Boundaries & unapologetic living

Andine’s Message: Andine is the Muse of the brand. We operate on anticipation, inspiration, and the undeniable desire to be Andine. 


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